Floodplain Album Review

www.saragroves.comA few weeks ago I interviewed Sara Groves about her new album. Our conversation led to this album review for The Rabbit Room.

Sara Groves’ latest release, Floodplain, is an invitation through means of honest lyrics and lilting melodies, not just to hear what she says, but to see what she sees.

The album’s theme is expedition. From the first track, “This Cup,” the storyteller wakes the listener from a dream and paints a picture away from the addictions that numb. Then the arc of the story begins in the next song, “Expedition.” The piano ostinato mirrors waves on the shore.

Meet me at the river, oh
Fashion us a raft and oar
We’re going on an expedition
Looking for lost time

Melodies and rhythm patterns from these lines weave throughout the songs that follow.

Read the rest at The Rabbit Room.

Feasting on Distances


My new normal is sitting in a waiting room at the lab draw facility surrounded by the very young and the aging. I am drawn to the older patients. They are the ones who look up from their devices and want to chat. They talk about their grandkids, “The Bachelorette”, clipping coupons, and gardens cucumbers. They seem unfazed by diagnoses and blood tests.

Why This is the (Almost) Best Time of Year

My tiny speck of planet Earth looks like this:


To the locals’ dismay I actually like it. I understand the haters – dangerous roads,  health hazards, those who need shelter, crazy heating costs.

Don’t imagine that this winter love comes from a “sunny disposition”. Nope. I fight my own negativity. All. The. Time.

But here are ten reasons why a snowy cold winter is still a rock star:

1.  WHITE, WHITE, WHITE – It could be ugly brown or grey but we get WHITE, fluffy stuff. It reflects and magnifies our little bit of sunlight.

2. NO BUGS. NO WEEDS – Without these temperatures, bugs, plant diseases, and weeds would be a disaster come summer.

3. YEARLY RESET – The land rests and restores. Without it there would not be enough nutrients for green growing things. I need that reset too.