Pianist, Composer


As a 5 year old child, I was captivated by the church's Baldwin grand piano. I vividly remember seeing the piano "up close" and KNOWING I HAD TO PLAY PIANO. It was as if an electric current ran through my body. My dad, a local math teacher traded tutoring for my very first piano lessons.

From the beginning COMPOSING and PERFORMING were so intertwined,I couldn't stop making new songs. Now composition and performance happen in the intersection of showing others how to do make music. To vastly change their lives the way mine was changed forever.

Yes, I have the FANCY CREDS. - A Cum Laude in undergraduate music. Masters work in piano pedagogy. Students who have performed at Carnegie Hall, competed in the national L.A. finals competition through Roland Piano, recorded their own singles and albums, and have launched their music careers.

But that's not really what matters.

What matters is if this is GOOD FIT for YOU?

As a PIANIST, my REAL LIFE experience makes me a better PIANO COACH for YOU. I'm in the studio recording piano tracks, licensing songs for ads/film/tv, practicing piano, & performing. Most piano teachers I meet no longer make music professionally. This studio accepts a select group of dedicated students by interview only. And I serve this group well.

As a COMPOSER, my REAL LIFE interaction with advanced students makes me a better COMPOSER. This motivated group of advanced musicians, inspire me with the music they write, the way they see the world, their dedication to their craft, and keep me current on music trends.